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Welcome to City Kids Dental

City Kids Dental hopes to make going to the dentist an enjoyable experience for you and your child. We are committed to providing high quality compassionate dental care for all children in a pleasant, comfortable, and child-friendly setting. Our doctors and staff are specifically trained to help apprehensive children feel good about seeing the dentist and taking good care of their teeth. At City Kids Dental, we do everything to make your child's visits fun and we take pride in our ability to provide the highest quality dental services while doing so.

Many of our parents ask how to prepare their child for their first dental visit. We suggest that you be very positive, stressing that a visit to the dentist will help your child to keep a bright smile and that dental visits are a part of growing up. Also, it seems to help if you refer to the dentist as "our friend". For younger children, you can tell your child that the dentist wants to visit with him or her and count his or her teeth. Our office does recommend that you arrive a few minutes early so that your child has time to relax in our child-friendly waiting room and get comfortable with our office.

On your first visit you can expect:

  • An introduction to our office and staff
  • A discussion of the most appropriate oral hygiene and diet instruction to keep your child cavity free
  • A thorough oral examination and where it is age appropriate we will introduce a preventative cleaning, a fluoride treatment and only necessary dental x-rays

Part of your first visit also includes completing and returning new patient paperwork. For your convenience, we have attached our new patient paperwork to this email. Please complete the forms and bring them with you to your first visit. As always, your personal health information will be kept private in accordance with HIPAA Privacy regulations.

Patient service is a priority at City Kids Dental, PC. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office and speak with a member of our administrative staff.

Thank you for your confidence in our dental team. Children are special to us, and we look forward to seeing you and your child..

Call for appointment - 773.293.2700 - 4700 N. Western Ave. Suite !A, Chicago, IL 60625
Chicago, Illinois